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We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of survival tips so you will be prepared the moment you came face to face with danger. We provide practical tips, reliable survival gears, and simple solutions that you can easily perform at home or outdoors. We take inspiration from our experience as outdoorsmen, gun owners, and survivalists.

We created this blog a year ago, headed by yours truly, Jo. The Simple Survival came up as an idea during a BBQ afternoon with some of my best pals. We want to build an online resource where people can get survival tips for common yet highly unaddressed safety issues. Like our website name, we want to keep survival simple.

When I first started out blogging, I never really thought that this website can have a massive reach. I just want to share my knowledge, often brain-storming with the guys during our weekend gatherings. Every week, we aim to publish new content and potentially share our next outdoor adventures with you.

I definitely hope you enjoy our product recommendations as much as you find our advice helpful. All of the gears we recommend here are tried and tested. We’ve carried and tested all of it on our own trips and households.

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Remember, survival isn’t just for the fittest. It’s also for the wisest, most practical, and prepared person. Be that person.