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How Not To Panic In Emergency Situations: Tips You Should Know

how not to panic in emergency situations

How not to panic in emergency situations? What are your experiences that you push yourself to panic? If you want to learn more then try to read this blog. 

There are a lot of instances today that you are able to experience unpredictable natural disasters. This is the reason why most of us panic instead of thinking about the best way to survive. The reason for you to worsen the situation. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, and even simple emergencies at home. Hence, one of the most important things to remember whenever you experience this is to stay calm. This will help you most conveniently.

Of course, some of you won’t agree to this, but staying calm is really helpful in different situations. Here is the information you can try to stop this habit when you’re in complicated situations.

How To Stay Calm In An Emergency Situation

You Need To Be Educated Enough 

One of the important things why a lot of schools today practice fire drills and other emergency responses for their student is because of safety. Another reason behind this thing is for them to be well aware and be educated. This for the students to know how to act in unpredictable situations even in their younger days. 

The thing is when you know how to cope with the situation, then you are able to stay calm. Say for instance there is an unpredictable earthquake and you know how to protect yourself. Also, when there is someone who is in an emergency situation, then you are able to learn and help them at the same time. It is important to know and learn even the basics of survival skills. 

Today there are a lot of ways, you can do this even your at home. You don’t need to go on face to face training, especially nowadays situation. There is a certain app you can download for you to learn. This is very suitable today. The thing is when you know to handle the situation, it’s a big advantage not to panic.

You Need to Breath

Whenever you experience emergencies situations, your body and heart will eventually be in panic mode as well. This is the reason why you breathe so fast and could turn into palpitation and also the reason why you can’t think. When you are in an emergency situation and your body is also in panic then you can’t do any solution to the situation. So, you need to take a deep breath from the situation. Think about what will be the best solution to the current situation.

You need to have a plan when the emergency comes.

There might be some people who might not agree to this, as they will defend that whatever you plan you can’t apply this to the scenario when it happens. But, it is important for you to have a plan whenever there is an emergency. What you need to do is to always share the plan with the family. This is not only beneficial for you but as well to them. Make sure that the plan is easy to follow and understand at the same time. 

When you have a plan this keeps your mind active and at the same time, you have an option for you to take whenever the situation got worst. On the broader side, you need to make sure if your house has insurance. Also, you have to ensure every family member has insurance in case of an emergency. 

Make sure you have the emergency kit. 

You need to have an emergency kit at home or even in your car. You don’t know when an emergency situation will happen so you need to be prepared. One of these is having an emergency kit, it is also considered as one of the safety precautions. 

Make sure that you have a flashlight, first aid kit, medicines, whistle, band-aid, power bank, and other essential things. Also, it is important for you to notify each family member of the location of your emergency kit at home for them to easily access it. It is important to put this on the nearest part of the house. 

Focus on your main goal

Whenever you are in an emergency situation, you need to focus on your main goal and this is to survive with the situation. You need to make sure that you can focus, but most people can’t do this especially in an emergency. However, it is very important to focus and have a goal in every situation. 

Say, for instance, you are stuck in an emergency on the streets with your family. What you need to do is to think about how you can call for help, another is to get your emergency kit. Also when you are in a situation where there is an earthquake then you don’t need to panic that much. You need to think about the dos and don’ts during this emergency. And one of the do’s is to go to the safer place where there is a table or thick surface for you to hide. 

Stay positive

This is important in every situation in life, especially during an emergency. Even if the scenario gets worsens it is important for you to always have hope. Being a positive individual helps you to think better and at peace at the same time. Say, for instance, there is a constant of rain in your area and you need to anticipate that there will be a flood. 

An emergency situation occurs when the level of water is unpredictable and you don’t know what to do. What you need to do is to stay positive while looking for the next action you and your family need to do. 

Hence, in this kind of situation, you can try to call for help and you need to stay in the safest place. You can try to be positive in hoping that there will be someone who rescues you. And it is an effective way for you to think exactly what you need to do in this time of emergency. 

You need to slow down

When you panicking this will also reflect in your actions. In response to this, you need to think about your action and at the same time, you need to slow down. Slowing down keeps your action correct and helps you to survive in an emergency situation. It is okay for you to take an action slower than you expect but surely at the same time. 

Know your surroundings 

If you know your surroundings you are able to know how to handle the situation. Say, for instance, you already knew the fact that your area is prone to flood and flash floods as well. What you need to do is to make sure you know well the environment. You are able to master the capacity of your area and also the harm that it may bring to your family. 

In this case, you are able to know because of repetitive experience in your area. So, to prevent as well a repetitive problem, you need to make sure your action is better off than before.

Stay connected

It is important for you to have contact details for you to ask for help. You need to make sure that you have lists of them for easy access. Whenever you are in a serious emergency situation you know how and what to contact. This is really beneficial in the future for you and your family as well. 

In most countries today, there is an emergency hotline that is open 24/7. So, you are able to call them whenever you are in a hard situation. Communication is the key for you to survive. It is a must to have a whistle in your emergency kit for you to have communication whenever you are in the middle of something. 

What To Bring In An Emergency Situations 


Knowing the fact that food is essential to have in your emergency kit. Food will help you to survive in an emergency scenario. Say, for instance, there is a typhoon coming in your area and expected to fall in the evening. What you need to do is to put everything you need in your bag or on your emergency kit including foods aside from your clothes. 

The most practical food you can take whenever there is an urgent matter due to natural disasters is canned goods, biscuits, noodles, and many more. You can put this on a thick container to safely travel this whenever you need to evacuate. 


You can survive a long time when you have water alone in your emergency kit. This is also essential to have when there is an emergency. You don’t need to panic that much if you have this in whatever emergency situation. For instance, there is an earthquake and out of control, you are trap in one area. Thus, you are able to bring your emergency kit, this is really beneficial to you and your family. 

You don’t need to think that much as you have a weapon to survive which is water. There is the scientific basis that you are able to survive even if you just drink water than taking food. This only means that one of the most important components needed by humans is oxygen and this is from the water. 

Your medicines and prescriptions 

Knowing the fact that medicines are already present on your emergency kit. You also need to make sure that there are prescriptions as well. Medicines are important whatever the situation is. When emergency you need to prioritize this aside from water and foods, this will help you throughout the journey of recovery. You need to make sure you have this in your bag especially if you have kids with you, disabled individuals,s and also the elderly. 

When you have a prescription, you don’t need to worry if you repeat from buying a certain medicine or vitamins in the pharmacy. Wherever you are, you can always have the way to get the right dosage and the correct medicines for your loved ones. For you to always remember this during emergency situations, it is recommended for you to have an envelope to put all the important documents you have at home, including this. 


Whenever there is an emergency situation you also need to anticipate the fact that you will be needing money. Say for instance, after the typhoon you are on the same emergency situation. You need to fix everything including the damage done to your property. Recovery is somehow hard without cash. So it’s important for you to save some cash for time of emergency. 

When you have cash with you you don’t need to worry that much as you can always buy goods or medicines. It is important for you to save some cash for you to be able to survive on the recovery stage after the emergency situation. 

Infant Supplies

This is equivalent to the food of adults. If you have an infant and you encounter an emergency situation then you need to make sure everything is perfectly fine on their own storage. You need to make sure that their bottles, infant milk, clothes, and many more are in one storage. This is for you to easily access and carry. Whenever there is an emergency situation you need to make sure that just like adults you need to equip them as well with their supplies. 

Dog Foods

When you have pets at home, they also need your attention. You need to make sure that you have their food in a container. Just like us human who needs food and water. When an emergency came, you need to be a responsible pet owner. 

There are some cases in the world where it was reported that when there is an emergency, dogs are left behind. This is an unlawful act, yes, the lives of human is important yet you also need to make sure that animals can live as well. 

You need to carry your blanket and sleeping bag

This will help you to feel comfortable even you already experience an emergency. Wherever you are you can fall asleep and you can take care of yourself. Say, for instance, there was a fire and you have nothing left. But, if you have this in your emergency bag, then you can save this at the same time. 

It is important for you to place an extra blanket and sleeping bag, air bed on a storage box or in your bag. So that whenever you need to evacuate to the place where you need to go, you can always sleep comfortably after the natural disaster or other types of emergency situations. 

Personal hygiene

You will need your own personal hygiene in times of emergency. You can’t deny the fact that it is natural for us humans to be hygienic even after an emergency situation. There are a lot of people today who refuse and forget to have this in their personal emergency kit. But this holds an important role to you especially supplies for toiletries. 

What are the things you need to remember when you store your personal hygiene? Make sure that you only get the one that is compact. Ensure that you can put this on your bag, you don’t need to get the one that is a burden to carry and at the same time gets the space of your bag when carrying. 

You don’t need so many supplies, you can use a disposable bottle for this. 

Waterproof equipment 

When you have an emergency kit at home, then you need to have waterproof equipment. Say, for instance, you have a flashlight on it but it is not waterproof. There is something a waterproof flashlight can give you, then the other which is not. 

Waterproof equipment helps you to move conveniently and at the same time can help you to save money. You don’t need to buy it repeatedly as it is durable and can survive on the water. 

Extra power bank and charger

This is essential as well, as when there is a natural disaster that occurs in your area oftentimes power outage can happen. So, for you to prevent any hassle and worsen the scenario you have to get yourself an extra power bank and charger. 

Always consider getting the one which is also water-resistant and as well as powered by solar energy. You need to look for these kinds of features as they will be helpful in the long run. Knowing that communication is a must when you are in an emergency situation then you need to have extra equipment to maintain. Connections are very important as they will help you to get the best solution and you are able to rescue during emergencies. 

Books, and other game equipment for children

This is perfect, especially for the children. When there is a natural disaster such as wildfire, typhoon, and many more, you need to switch the attention of the children. There are a lot of people who treat children after the disaster and other emergency situations for them to divert their way of thinking. This is also the best solution to prevent phobia, trauma, and other things that could trigger their innocent life. 

They just need to feel that life is great and not a burden. To see that natural disasters could happen and also would learn and adapt things to do during emergency time

Disposable kitchen utensils 

Just like when you want to go on a picnic or other outdoor activities, you can have disposable stuff. Disposable kitchen utensils are essential and it is more practical to use when there is an emergency situation. You can save space and it is not heavy to bring. Most of the disposable plates, cups, spoon, and spork is very lightweight. So, it will be great if you just choose to have this instead of your plate at home or even your glass. 

You just need a space in your car for this, just prepared a bag or storage box for this kind of utensils. This is very helpful whenever you are outdoor space for you to evacuate. You can surely experience eating like your home even outside. So, whenever you encounter an emergency situation you need to have this for your convenience. 

Final thoughts 

There are a lot of people who are not capable of keeping themselves relax in times of emergency. But the thing is you don’t have a choice but to keep calm. You need to remember that being calm can help you to think even more. This will help you to be more resourceful and other than that this will automatically help your body not to panic as well. 

Thus, one of the important things you need to know is to have the best equipment for you to stay safe and protected. It is important for you to have these different kinds of equipment to help you survive in any circumstances. You don’t need to panic every time you encounter one of these as it may affect the way you respond to this. 

So, whenever you are experiencing an emergency on the street, camping site, at home, or even in your working area you just need to be relaxed. I know it is hard for you to calm down especially if things get worse. But, just like the people in the hospital like Doctors and Nurses as they were able to handle things more clearly and accurately. This is is because they can analyze well as they remain calm while in an emergency state. 

Have you experience an emergency, can you remember your first reaction? 

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