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Best Food to Grow for Survival – The Ideal Way to Prepare for Disaster

Being able to survive any disastrous incidence generally entails having a sufficient amount of food stored in your pantry. If you already started your preparation for survival, you may now have stocks of nonperishable food inside your pantry. Well, that is actually good enough to sustain your family’s need even for a month. But, what if the disaster may last for longer months compared to what is expected? In that case, it is crucial to know and to have the best food to grow for survival.

Having that kind of food that continuously grows by themself is really ideal to get a self-sustaining food source. Foods like that will assure you that you and your family will never run out of something to eat. Below is the list of food that you can ideally grow into your survival garden. See which are the best foods that will help you in surviving emergency cases and, at the same time, may be able to relieve some of your stress.

List of the Best Food to Grow for Survival

Well, the truth is there will always come a time that we need to deal with an emergency situation. Typhoon, famine, and other types of emergency cases necessitate us to store or to have foods available on hand during such times. Luckily, you have the option to grow different foods in your garden. Doing so will be of big help in feeding you and your family in case of emergency.

However, before splashing out those seeds in your backyard, you need to establish a concrete plan that involves consideration of some important factors. For instance, you should have an idea of what is the best food to grow for survival inside your garden. Additionally, you also need to know the number that you need to grow so that it is sufficient enough to feed all of your family members. The space that you generally need to grow those plants should also be taken into account.

Basically, it is important to compute the caloric needs of each family member on a daily basis. Just to be on the safe side, it is always better to go for about 2,500 to 3,000 calories for each member. Aside from that, since this is a survival mode, grow only those foods that each member of the family will eat. Well, the best food to grow for survival is something that you and your family will enjoy during your everyday eating.

So, to help you in filtering the right plant for your survival garden, here is the list of the best food to grow for survival:


best food to grow for survival

Barley is generally good for consumption. Moreover, it is also very useful for other purposes making it the best food to grow for survival. You can give it as food for the livestock or you may try making flour out of it by milling. Aside from that, barley can also be used in making a homemade survival beer.

When it comes to versatility, barley is one of the crops that reside on top of the list. Moreover, in terms of nutritional profile, this produce brags for its bountiful amount of dietary fiber and manganese.


Packed with the most essential vegetable protein, beans are very easy to grow. This tends to be the best food to grow for survival as it is available either in bush type or vine form. Generally, beans are annual plants that have a wide range of different varieties.

Beans have the main function of restoring the nitrogen that has been taken out of the soil by other plants. That’s actually the main reason why beans are an excellent rotational crop. Based on their level of maturity, beans are also available for harvesting in various stages.

For green beans, the standard harvesting time tends to be between 50 – 60 days. You may also opt to wait for at least 70 – 120 days to have totally mature dry beans. This type of beans is already excellent for cooking or re-planting.

Generally, you will aim for around 5 – 10 plants or more per single family member. This number of plant beans can already get you throughout the season. Keep in mind that every single bean plant will give you as much as 100 – 120 dry beans weighing 35 – 42 grams each. However, keep in mind that those numbers can easily be eaten. So, consider planting more beans plant.


Many people are not fond of eating broccoli but it is among those foods that are ideal to grow for survival. Basically, planting and growing broccoli will give you a complete pack of food containing vitamins A and K together with protein. It is actually a great energy booster that allows you to survive in an emergency situation.


Another best food to grow for survival is healthy and great-tasting carrots. Like beans, it is also an annual plant that contains an abundant amount of essential nutrients and antioxidants. That nutritional profile provides the need of your family for survival. Carrots also involve a simple growing process. However, well-drained soil is very crucial here so that the carrots may work perfectly in your garden.

In case there are more extras than that the number of carrots that you need, simply leave those in the ground. Eventually, they will overwinter and may have a sweeter taste. Harvesting time is around 50 – 60 days for baby carrots. However, the mature ones are good for harvesting during their 75 days.


Who would have to forget corn when someone is speaking about survival food? Well, this crop contains high levels of calcium, iron, and protein. Moreover, corn generally yields a better quantity compared to any other produce. Because of that, you can have more products in just a little space. However, in the cooler season, this crop is not a good option as it only grows well during summer.


best food to grow for survival

Do you know why lettuce is the best food to good for survival? Well, this garden produce is very abundant in its vitamin contents which generally range from vitamin A, B6, C, and K. The growing process of lettuce is enormously fast and it gives off high quantity.

However, one of the characteristics of lettuce that you should keep an eye on is that it is easy to deteriorate. That basically means that it doesn’t stay fresh for a long period of time. Because of that, it is ideal to consume it up right away after harvesting.


Moringa tree or also known as the drumstick tree is another best food to grow for survival. Having the scientific name of Moringa oleiferaithis plant is very useful and versatile. That’s the primary reason why most survivalist grows this plant in their garden.

Well, planting a moringa tree is not a waste because all of its parts are highly edible. These generally include the leaves, pods, and seeds. Moringa tree also brags its excellent nutritional profile.

It also offers a wide range of products ranging from oil to liquid fuel, and from wood to paper. Most importantly, the moringa tree also provides a wonderful method of water purification. A broad range of medicinal uses also come with this plant which tends to be very useful during survival cases.

The moringa tree can able to survive in almost any weather condition and may grow up to a maximum height of about 10 – 15 feet in a single year. However, maintaining the moringa tree at a manageable height is highly recommended. Once you cut this tree down, it will immediately grow back.

Compared to other protein plant sources, the leaves of the moringa contain an abundant amount of essential amino acids. So, aside from being the best food to grow for survival, moringa is also a complete protein.


The easiest crop to grow, onions are generally non-perishable and are enormously long-lasting. Because of that, onions are among the best food to grow for survival. You can actually store them in big quantities and use them on later dates.


Easy-to-grow, prolific, and highly versatile, our list of the best food to grow for survival would never be complete without the inclusion of potatoes. The main function of this vegetable is to add up in the calorie count of each meal since they are very filling. This type of tasty tuber is really entertaining to eat as it is available in various sizes, flavors, and colors.

Moreover, being a cold-loving plant, potatoes are required to be planted few weeks before the end of the frost period. Growing or plating options are available directly on the ground or even in a large container. The good thing about this food is that it is not demandable for your attention and care. It may continue producing its bountiful harvest even if you just leave them behind.

In case you plant the potato under an ideal condition, you may usually harvest about 10 – 12 potato tubes. So, in order to feed each person in the family, it is ideal to grow around 10 tubers per person.


Squash is also an annual producer that also has a prolific property. You may also enjoy eating this best food to grow for survival as there is a wide variety to choose from. After 40 days from the start of the planting process, you will generally have a summer squash that is already available for eating right away! And, in terms of the winter squash, it is good for storing until the next growing period.

Scallopini, zucchini, and yellow crooknecks are the most common varieties under the summer squash. On the other hand, winter squash also has a wide range of varieties. It generally covers the acorn squash, buttercup squash, spaghetti squash, and the pumpkins under the roof of winter squash.

Well, regardless of your choice of which type you will grow for survival, you will still end up growing a portion of food that is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and calories. Generally, you will harvest around 5 – 25 pounds of this fruit in the whole year.


This is actually an annual plant that grows well in a warm-weather environment. The propagation of this best food to grow for survival is very easy. With that, one piece of sweet potato will be able to make a maximum of 16 plantable slips.

The harvesting time for this tuber is actually within 100 to 150 days. This generally starts from the very first day of planting. Handling this palatable tuber with proper care, each piece can give you about 10 – 20 pieces of sweet potatoes.


Tomatoes are obviously very easy to grow with just enough amounts of water and sunlight. Although belong to the simplest growing and well-preserving crops, tomatoes are the best food to grow for survival. Tomatoes can be good to combine with almost every other type of food and dish. So, this crop should not be excluded from your list.

Helpful Techniques in Planting the Best Food to Grow in Survival

Actually, food is the number one most important thing in order to survive life’s everyday challenges. With that, most preppers are considering having a survival garden where they can plant the best food to grow for survival. Generally, a survival garden is important due to the following reasons:

  1. Offers fresh produce which gives off essential nutrients that are usually missing on stored foods
  2. Creates great taste to stored foods by adding fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs to have some variations
  3. Garden produce is an excellent addition in stretching out the supply of stored food
  4. Planting and growing the best food for survival in your garden offers exercise and helps you receive sunshine thus reducing stress.

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of setting up his own survival garden. There are scenarios in which the creation of a survival garden may be difficult. Unemployment, depression and recession, flooding, frost, and pests are some of the cases that may hinder someone to have a successful survival garden.

Keep in mind that survival garden is actually a different task from your gardening hobby. Survival gardens generally focus on producing all the food that you need to maintain the health of the family and keep them fed up during emergency cases. Here are some of the important things that you must have to consider when you plant the best food to grow for survival inside your garden.

Time Option

In putting up a survival garden, keep in mind that you must have to offer the maximum result for the minimum amount of input. Generally, in order for you to have a food system that offers products very well with just minimal input you need to execute a good design of the garden.

Water Restriction

Actually, your location may hinder you to have access to your local irrigation or city water. Without it, it would be hard for you to maintain the plants well hydrated. That’s why it is important to plan in growing plants that require low water requirements.

Limited Resources

There may be instances that gasoline to power up the rototiller or fertilizers and pesticides may not be available. Or, you do not have time and budget to purchase gardening tool essentials. In regards to this, it is highly advisable to establish a concrete plan of acquiring everything that you need. It is also important to strategize in naturally producing food.

Growing Season

Well, every single we need to eat, but producing a crop that will help us survive for a few months highly depends on the area of living. Know how to stretch out the period of the plant’s growing season and the best ways to preserve the harvest.

Plant’s Protection

Critters are always present around to devastate your bountiful garden produce. Sometimes, those products are at high risk who are dealing with their planting difficulties. With that scenario, be prepared to share your produce unexpectedly. Also, consider protecting or disguise your goods.

Final Words

Actually, there is a long list of fruits and veggies that you can plant and grow into your survival garden. But, by growing the above-mentioned garden produce, you will actually keep your whole family healthy. Aside from that, you can provide a well-nourished meal to every family member even if food scarcity strikes.

What crops are you growing today in your survival garden? If there is none yet, now is the best time to do so. Keep in mind that emergency situations may possibly happen at no particular time. So, the ideal time to prepare for survival should start now!

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