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What does a Tactical Pen do? A Self-Defense Guide

Accidents or conflicts may generally come along the way in some instances. And, mind you, they usually occur in an unpredictable situation. That’s why carrying a practical object with you like the tactical pen is very important and advantageous. But, what does a tactical pen do during such times of accidents?

For lots of survivalists, they considered the tactical pen as a multi-tool that offers several functions and entails plenty of versatility. Usually, it resembles the shape, size, and appearance of a regular office pen. But, because of its functionality, this kind of pen provides usage in extraordinary ways.

In this blog post, we detailed the things that a tactical pen can do. You will have to find out the reasons why it is superior to the ordinary office pen. Moreover, also included here are the important things that you should have to know in relation to purchasing and using a tactical pen.

So, get your pen and paper ready, and let’s begin exploring how functional a tactical pen is!

What is a Tactical Pen?

If there is an upgraded version of the ordinary office pen, it is none other than the tactical pen. Among the other pens available out there, the tactical pen is more usable in many kinds of situations. This pen is labeled as “tactical” because of its versatility feature. Usually, police officers are the ones who frequently use tactical pens.

Moreover, because of its versatility and durability, wilderness workers, construction officers, and travelers also find this pen an advantageous one. In general, the tactical pen acts as a good pen that has the probability of saving the life of its user. It is actually a writing tool that includes combat-oriented uses.

what does a tactical pen do
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Most of the time, the tactical pen comes from anodized aluminum, titanium, steel, or any hardened metal that is of military-grade. The design of it is more discreet with the presence of rigid handles for the purpose of an excellent grip. Due to that, they have the ability to withstand any physical contact. For example, you slash a tactical pen over the head of your attacker.

The standard size of a tactical pen is actually small which seems to be a few inches. With that, it also weighs about a few ounces. It is very convenient and handy to carry on a daily basis as it highly resembles an ordinary pen. There is also a ballpoint tip and cap and the other end showcases a sturdy, rounded tip same as the Kubotan’s tip.  

The History of the Tactical Pen

Going back to its origin, the tactical pen is generally connected to a Japanese national under the name of Soke Takayuki Kubota. He is also the one who invented the survival keychain tool during the year 1960. And it has a popular name called Kubotan. The shape of it is similar to the shape of a pen that is convenient to shoot inside the keychain. With that, you can definitely have a discreet weapon during emergency cases.

There are actually a few finger grips present within the cylinder on the flat tip at the side of the keychain. Meanwhile, on the other end, it has a tapered end and is usually dull. On a serious note, using the Kubotan may also result in severe damage.

Now, the Kubotans are such a common secret weapon brought by many individuals worldwide. Generally, the Kubotans can be easily shot inside a pocket even if the pocket also has a phone or keychain. And with that style of the Kubotan, the modern tactical pen arises. This pen has an additional ink cartridge.

The Popularity of the Tactical Pen

The norm nowadays is that many people are turning into becoming a survivalist. And this group of people is the number one fan of tactical pens. As you go over the internet, you will see that more and more survivalists are purchasing tactical pens especially those who are more after self-defense. These are the people who usually reside in rough environments and are part of the military.

Tactical pens are also very common to those people who are trying to access controlled areas like airports. In such places and circumstances, knives, kubotans, or other conventional weapons are generally not allowed. So, here is where the tactical pen goes. But, what does a tactical pen do?

Before we jump into that, one reason why the tactical pens and related products are in the popularity lane today is because of the reasonable pricing that it has. Ordering a sturdy, durable tactical pen online is generally affordable due to the lower cost of manufacturing and supply. And, of course, the easy and convenient worldwide shipping also contributes to its affordability.

What does a Tactical Pen do?

Based on its definition, a tactical pen entails a number of uses due to its versatility and durability. Primarily, it acts as a writing instrument because, like an ordinary office pen, it has ink that allows you to scribble down words. But, aside from that, what does a tactical pen do?

Other than writing, there are other uses of tactical pen and all of them fall under its secondary functions. Generally, tactical pens are well-known tools being used for self-defense. With this, it is not surprising that plenty of martial artists offer free training videos showing what does a tactical pen do as a self-defense tool.

At this moment, you might already be wondering what does a tactical pen do. So, here is the list of things that make the tactical pen a helpful tool in self-defense. After all, a tactical pen seems to be safer to use than knives.

what does a tactical pen do
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1-Tactical pen can deceive the attacker

Well, who won’t be deceived by this small writing instrument? Once you are in the situation that someone attacks you from behind, pulling out a tactical pen that looks like an ordinary one is really surprising. Basically, your attacker won’t think that you will stab him with this pen.

On your end, this is really advantageous as you can be on the offensive side before your attacker becomes aware of the real situation. Most of the time, using a tactical pen in such a scenario is better than making an attempt. That will also make the potential attacker retreat himself.

2-It can be strike within any part of the body

What does a tactical pen do is that you can strike it in any part of the body of your attacker. But, keep in mind that strikes coming from this tool into a particular area of the body are highly effective compared to the others. This is one of its differences from using knives. Here are some of the striking tips as part of what does a tactical pen do.

  • Punching on the head part – find ways to flicker the eyes, nose, throat, and ears
  • Striking on the upper body – target the armpit, ribs or sternum, and base of the neck
  • Hurting the hands – make it a goal to hurt the back of the hands or the knuckles; it is also better and would be effective if you target the solar plexus
  • Striking the lower body – effective areas to target are the groin, thigh, and knee

Moreover, using this self-defense tool as a flicker allows you to greatly produce an impact on any sensitive area of your attacker effectively. Generally, flickers tend to take effect on sensitive areas of the groins, knees, and the insteps of the feet. Try to repeat striking those areas using greater force. That way, you will generally produce more impact in striking your attacker using a tactical pen.

Don’t forget that your goal here is to knock off your attacker to the point where they cannot attempt to attack you anymore. The moment you achieve that goal, run away immediately and get some help.


Always remember these tips when you are using your tactical pen during an attack of an assailant:

Do the flicking or striking of it repeatedly

Make a strike ahead of time and once you did it, don’t stop! Continue making repeated strikes and deliver it as fast as you can. Also, do it with great force that you can able to generate. Remember that during this kind of situation, there is no room for hesitation or second-guessing.

It is also important to be aggressive here. That way you will generally surprise your attacker with your moves of fighting back. This falls basically in your favor as you will get more seconds in thinking if you would want to be hurt or you would like to getaway.

Keep the strikes going until you get the opportunity to run away from your attacker. You also need to strike more and more even if you already stun your attacker on your initial strike of the tactical pen.

Hold on to it

The advantage of using this functional pen compared to other weapons of survival is that it is easier to use to protect the self of the defendant. For instance, attackers may easily find a way to turn on the black pepper spray once used against them. In the case of this kind of tool, the attacker may only get the opportunity to get back to you and use that pen against you once you drop it. The moment that happened, remember that the attacker will automatically take the opportunity to pick it up and use it against you.

So, it is always essential to carefully use this self-defense tool and never ever drop it. Hold it tightly like you are also protecting your life because, most likely, it would.

3-Tactical pen can break a glass window

Once you are trapped inside an enclosed area, what does a tactical pen do is that it can break the glass windows. With that, it is generally a helpful tool for you to execute your escape. Generally, most of the available tactical pens in the market come from a heavyweight stainless steel material which is useful in breaking windows by providing enough force.

In case you get trapped inside a car that has been submerged in the water, you can use this kind of pen to break the car’s window. Doing so will help you to escape from it through the window or you will help in equalizing the pressure inside the submerged car so that you can open the car door.

Moreover, tactical pens can also be used in escaping from restraints like zip ties or duct tapes. The pointed tip of the pen is the one responsible for making a cut or puncture on any restraints around your body.

4-This kind of pen can wound

What does a tactical pen can do? Well, it can also wound and, in a more dangerous scenario, it can even kill. So, while using this pen type, keep in mind that it is a weapon. However, using it that way will give you a responsibility like you are also using another kind of weapons like a gun or knife. Remember that you will be charged in case you will get into circumstances in which you need to use this versatile pen that way, even if it is for survival. Generally, once you purchased that tool, it is believed that you are already aware that it is a weapon.

5-Tactical pen is useful in extreme conditions

Since this highly functional pen is made from stainless steel, titanium, or black aluminum, it can be used when the temperatures are extreme. Some of the models of tactical pens still work on temperatures below -25 degrees. Other tactical pens operate on high temperatures like 200 degrees or more. Even with that condition, the pen or the inked panel won’t freeze or run out.

6-Tactical pen can still be used in writing

As mentioned, a tactical pen is a writing instrument so, let’s don’t forget its main use. Basically, you can still write and scribble down words on your notebook using a tactical pen. In fact, many tactical pen models come in refillable form featuring readily available cartridges for inks. That will assure you that the ink will never run out. Aside from that, once you use the tactical pen for everyday writing, you will be sure that you always have it so it will be readily available once you need it for survival.

What does a Tactical Pen do – Important Notes for Consideration

what does a tactical pen do
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Generally, knowing how to properly use this pen and being aware of what does a tactical pen do is really important prior to carry it. Once it is purchased, it is clearly understood that you will be using it as a weapon. Although it is not illegal, there are arguments detailing that this pen is bought for the purpose of causing harm or injury. So, the best way for you to hedge yourself from this argument is to use your pen for self-defense.

In terms of traveling with tactical pens along, you may find out that it is actually easier to have. This is highly comparable to that of traveling with other weapons such as a gun or knife. However, you still need to consider some instances.

  • Make sure that there is no one who notices your tactical pen and that you get through the boarding gates without noticing it by anyone
  • Once the agents find it they will automatically take it from you
  • Since it is considered as a weapon, there will be a probability that you will be arrested for attempting to carry it inside a commercial plane

These are the possibilities that you might encounter when you plan to travel with a tactical pen. So, it is generally better to think carefully before you have your flight with this tool along with you.

Aside from that, there are tactical pens that are ultimately designed as a weapon alone. This means that there is no writing feature available for that kind of versatile instrument. That’s why before buying, it is always important to know the features that you are really looking for in this kind of tool.

Final Words

There are actually numerous things that a tactical pen can do. This tiny instrument is not only a good tool for self-defense but it can also be carried acquired easily in a practical way. Most of the time, using this specialized kind of tool can generally save your life especially in the event that you are in a survival situation.

This machined pen may help you in escaping out by breaking glass windows or you can use it to defend yourself during a dangerous encounter with an attacker. Aside from that, most tactical pens have refillable ink cartridges so that you can also use them for writing. So, in general, a tactical pen is a helpful tool that should be included in every survivalist kit.

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