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Small Wood Stoves for Tents – Our Best of 3!

Wood stoves are basically the best way to address your heating needs. It uses wood rather than gas and petroleum to fuel up and incorporate more heat. Aside from that, the small wood stoves for tents come in various form including the portable ones. And since they are handy enough, they also entail different uses and excellent features.

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We reviewed here the 3 of the best wood stoves available in the market today. These are all suitable for use inside the tents. So, if you want to cook while on camping or heat up your tent, then you landed on the right track. Come with us until the end and find out the best small wood stoves for tents.

Types of Stoves for Tents

There are generally lots of shapes and sizes of tent stoves and each of them involves distinct accessories. Yet, tent stoves entail these primary factors:

  • Size of the tent
  • Length of packing the stove
  • The weight that you are able to carry
  • Price

Below are the different types of tent stoves that you’ll find on the market:

Heavy Steel Wood Stoves

Basically, the primary material of this tent stove is a thicker type of rolled steel. Since it is thick, it has an extra weight that is responsible for holding the heat in a longer period of time. With this, even the heavy steel small wood stoves for tents also offers more heating.

Moreover, the thicker walls have the ability to resist warping. This feature basically maintains the better sealing of the stove’s door thus preventing the leaking of the smoke inside the tent. Additionally, this stove for tents includes a stovetop that serves as a place for heating water and cooking food.

Aside from that, the heavy steel wood stoves also have a cold-air passage and stovepipe dampers. The functions of the said accessories are to assist the management of airflow and permits a longer period of burn times. Yet, as its name implies, it basically weighs more and more costly. However, durability comes with it as part of the investment.

Lightweight Tent Stoves

The lightweight tent stove is generally a better choice as far as carrying it is concerned. It is made from galvanized steel that also weighs very light. Basically, in terms of horse load calculation, this makes a complete difference.

However, using this lightweight tent stove may risk the durability feature. The heat does not hold for too long. But, if you are planning to use it on an occasional basis, the lightweight tent stove is good enough. At a lower price range, you can already have this type of tent stove.

Collapsible Tent Stoves

Folding or disassembling the tent stove is actually possible in the form of collapsible tent stoves. Using this tent stove generally offers more convenience in packing. It has a similar construction with that of the lightweight tent stoves having thinner walls.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the space, the collapsible tent stoves tend to be the best solution. But, it is a little bit expensive compared to the lightweight tent stoves.

Accessories for Small Wood Stoves for Tents

There are some core accessories that are usually present on almost small wood stoves for tents. These may include the spark arrestor, stove jack, stovepipe, and wood grate. But, in relation to these, there are other accessories that can boost the performance of the small wood stoves for tents.

Pipe Damper

Generally, the function of the pipe damper is to aid in the slowing of air through the stove. The fuel burn rate will decrease thus permits the firewood to maintain all throughout the night. Actually, most small wood stoves for tents include one pipe damper on its package. In case there is none, adding one is a good choice.

Water Heater

The water heater usually clings on the side of the stove pipe. Primarily, its function is to ensure the availability of warm water all the time. However, keep in mind to let it stay on top to avoid warping.

Chimney Oven

This accessory of the small wood stoves for tents makes the other cooking activities highly possible. It basically includes baking as it utilizes the heat coming from the woodstove in order to warm up the small oven.

Different Ways of Using Small Wood Stoves for Tents

Generally, small wood stoves for tents have portable feature making it handy in various situations. You can basically use it on the following:


Actually, when you are on camping and tend to sleep in a tent, you would feel the cold weather of the night breeze. Knowing this, you would want to heat up the tent and since the space inside is small enough, you might consider using the small wood stoves for tents. This is generally suitable during camping on a winter season.

Moreover, the bonus in using small wood stoves for tents for heating purposes is that it can do so even without electricity. The power outage is not actually a hindrance in making you feel comfortable while using this wood stove. Just make sure that the tent has good ventilation.


The small wood stoves for tents can also be used for cooking. The top portion of the stove which is usually flat is where the pots and pans can be placed. Aside from that, small wood stoves for tents also have the ability to raise bread due to the heat that it emits. Boiling water, making tea, cooking eggs and potatoes are all the functions of the small wood stoves for tents.


Another amazing function of the small wood stoves for tents is its dehydration feature. It can generally be used to dry food such fruits and veggies. Moreover, simply hang wet clothes at the side of the stove to dry the clothes up especially if the dryer is not around.

What to Look for When Buying Small Wood Stoves for Tents?

Before buying any kind of product, researching about the product is actually a better option. This is generally true for small wood stoves for tents due to their safety level. The said feature is typically lower compared to the electric heater. Knowing this, it is very crucial to ensure that you buy the best and safest models available.

With that in mind, below are the features that you need to consider before buying small wood stoves for tents:

Ease of use

In terms of electric heater, many users found it very user-friendly. Turning it on and off is actually easy and it is not hard to maintain as well. So, when it comes to small wood stoves for tents, this feature should also come along the way. Fortunately, the modern version of this product already comes with an easier operating set-up.

EPA Certification

Since the small wood stoves for tents still emit smoke, its amount should fall under the acceptable emissions set by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. Basically, the older standard for the acceptable emission is about 4.5 g/h but the most updated one is 2.5 g/h. If you will notice, most wood stoves still comply with the older emission standard.

Aside from that, you should also loom for the BTU and the heating power requirement of the space inside the tent. Generally, the BTU is the required heat to elevate one pound of the temperature of water at about one-degree Fahrenheit. So, in order to maintain the warmth inside a 2,600-square-feet space, it needs about 20,000 BTU per hour.


Keep in mind that in everything that uses fire, safety is the most essential factor to consider. Always make sure that the opening of within the burning area is securely locked to prevent the child from opening it. Moreover, look for the presence of cracks around the surface prior to its use. The UL-Certification should also be present for ensuring the safety of the small wood stoves for tents.

Best Wood Burning Stove for Tents — OUR TOP PICK!


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Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stoves

small wood stoves for tents

Actually, what campers like on small wood stoves for tents is the ease of use or at least no installation requirement. And with Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stoves you can basically achieve that. With this example of small wood stoves for tents, buying pipes and drilling holes are not needed anymore.

Due to it’s ease of use, the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stoves are very ideal for novice users and for those who like to quickly cook their food without too much hassle.

The appearance generally comes in a very compact design which is good for doing barbeque and ordinary cooking. Just simply remove the top portion and put the grill on to start the barbecuing. Basically, if you compare it to other stoves, this one of the small wood stoves for tents is more stable. Thanks to its support system which includes a three-arm base located on top.

It’s product features and key advantages are summarized below

  • Made of premium quality stainless steel material
  • Resist corrosion and highly durable
  • With a compact design and comes with a carrying bag making it portable and easy to store
  • Any kinds of fuel such as leaves, pinecones, twigs, and woods basically fit for use
  • Saves fuel costs
  • Environment-friendly because fuel canisters and alcohol is not needed

If you decide to camp in the woods for a longer period, you cannot stay long without food and cooking devices. The Ohuhu Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stoves with it’s premium build quality and compact design will help keep your belly warm without too much hassle.

TMS Portable Wood Stove Tent Cooking Rv

small wood stoves for tents

Basically, the TMS Portable Wood Stove Tent Cooking Rv is an example of the heavy steel wood stove. But, this is also one of the small wood stoves for tents that is very easy to clean and is quite affordable.

However, the paint around it easily burns off if you frequently use it due to the high heat output. But on the lighter side, the heat it creates can double as a makeshift heater during cold or even sub-zero camping conditions.

Moreover, the TMS Portable Wood Stove Tent Cooking Rv is also a heavy-duty burner that offers warmth during your outdoor trip and at the same time serves as a small grill.

A neat extra feature is the presence of the two tubs at the sides that has the ability to cook potatoes and wrapped meals. It can also dry out wet gloves and socks by simply opening the top grate.

TMS Portable Wood Stove tent has several key features which include

  • Minimum risk of fire hazard debris due to the presence of spark arrester on the top
  • Easy to control airflow due to the presence of airflow regulators at the front and back part of the stove
  • Easy to clean and maintain because of the removable ash-tray
  • Convenient to transport and move due to the foldable grate that serves as a handle
  • Highly portable as it has removable legs
  • Accessories and stovepipe cap included during purchase

Generally, the TMS Portable Wood Stove Tent Cooking Rv is obviously bigger in size making it heavier as well compared to the first two small wood stoves for tents. However, the performance of this wood stove is also excellent as it is designed to work on as one whole product. With this, all the heating requirements outdoors like maintaining the warm, cooking, and drying will all be done.

However, if you’re looking for small, compact, and lightweight wood stoves, you’d be better off choosing our 1st and 2nd picks. If you want to buy this one for it’s heavy duty heating and cooking prowess, don’t forget to test it first and see if the weight is suitable for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Hot Tenting is actually a term used for using a stove inside the tent. If you have a great quality tent stove (like the ones we recommend above) it will generally make the tent really warm. But, keep in mind that putting a stove in any kind of plastic tent is a no-no. If you want to put a wood stove inside a tent make sure that the tent is made of either canvas or polycotton material. The tent should also have an opening for the chimney and ample flaps for ventilation.


A: No, it’s never safe to leave a wood stove or any kind of fire for that matter burning at night without supervision due to fire hazard (except if you camp in wet areas or sub-zero temperatures). Wood burning stoves should be extinguished before sleeping, unless it’s specifically designed to double as a heater.


A: Basically, small wood stoves for tents can get too hot. In case the stovetop glows red, it means that it already exceeds 700-degrees Fahrenheit. With this, the stove has already overheated and has the possibility of getting damaged, as well as damaging the cooking utensils. There will be warping of the stove and its components and cracking of the body panels. You need to extinguish the stove before it gets to this point and let it rest for a while before turning it on again.


A: Since small wood stoves for tents make use of woods to produce heat, there will be a production of particulate matter. These minute particles can be inhaled and penetrate deep down the lungs. Moreover, there is the possibility of trapping the particles inside the lungs and further damaging the cells. Eventually, this will make the breathing more difficult, worsen the heart and the condition of the lungs. Because of that, you need to ensure that you have ample ventilation for the exhaust fumes to go if you’re going to put a stove inside your camping tent


A: Generally, overfilling the wood stove is a big NO. Doing so will basically result in damping down the fire which will cause smoldering and ineffective burning. Usually, every wood stove will have a general indicator of how much wood should be put in it. We recommend you stick to the guidelines set out by the product manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our 3 recommendations for the small wood stoves for tents. Basically, these heating or cooking tools are highly suitable for camping, trailers, and mobile homes. They have various features and multitasking ability. However, buying one involves some factors for consideration such as the ease of use, EPA Certification, safety, and the other features that come with it.

Moreover, in terms of the wood stoves, remember that it should not always depend on the looks and design. Make sure that you go for the one that is of high-quality as it is the good choice for investment in the long run. Aside from that, choose the wood stoves that can save you more bucks in terms of fuel requirements and performance.

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