Best Defense Tools for Home Invasion

Are you ready to defend yourself in a home invasion without a gun? Can you handle it if the need arises? It’s a-matter-of-life-and-death-situation, and presence of mind is needed. Furthermore, there are other self-defense tools that we can use during violent attacks even we don’t have a gun.

Also, the prevention of home invasion is a must. If the last thing we want to encounter is an unwanted visitor that we need to defend ourselves or our loved one, then we have to avoid this. Do not become a victim. Read more to see that life will not only depend on a gun. It’s also about the tools, how to use them, and how much!

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What Are the Self-defense Tools for Home Invasion?

One of the best techniques to prevent intruders is to secure your perimeter first so you won’t be needing to experience a close or head-on battle. To make it happen, learn everything about alarms.

Security cameras and alarms with a whole surveillance system nowadays are standard. They can detect motion that can warn the owner via smartphone by using apps. The apps will permit you to view your home wherever you are using your mobile devices.

If tactics are not sufficient and the intruder already made its way inside, prepare for the worst. Remember that the presence of mind is essential, so focus and keep your mind as straightforward as possible.

This article will you a general idea about the tools that you can consider for preparing and eventually fighting your unwanted visitor.

Defense tools: Security Systems & Alarms

The first layer in any good home defense system is a good alarm and security system. This will help by warning you in advance if anyone is trying to breach your house.

As we know in survival and prepping classes, awareness and knowledge is worth it’s weight in gold. Having a good alarm system that can warn you beforehand is a godsend during home invasion scenarios. With these, you’ll never be caught unawares again.

Wireless alarm

True to it’s name, a wireless alarm is an alarm system that relies on bluetooth, NFC, wifi, or any other wire-less mechanisms to operate. It is convenient and easy to install. The wireless alarm also offers flexibility when moving home or changing locations. It is popular nowadays because it is available online and can use in a non-wire area targeted by intruders.

Hybrid alarm

It is a combination of wireless and hardwired alarm system functions. It is one of the best warning devices because of its versatility and flexibility. The capacity to stay useful is up to 15 years.

Hardwired alarm

When the alarm keypad, smoke detectors, sensors, or other devices are physical wires and typically behind walls, ceiling floors, it’s categorize as hardwired. These kinds of alarms can usually be found in high security complexes or large houses.

Personal alarms

Personal alarms are a hand-held electronic device to emit loud sound sirens that use to attract attention. It can also scare off an intruder, surprise, and distracts them. Personal alarms can activate by using its button or tag. It is an excellent device for calling help instead of battling head on the intruder.

Defense tools: Knives & Pepper Sprays

Now that you’ve got the warning part covered, we’ll get into the defense tools part. Having a defense tool to ward off unwanted intruder is very important in a home invasion scenario.

The defense tools that you use can be a lethal one, such as a knife or a gun, or a non-lethal alternative like a pepper spray and a taser.

Knives are the most accessible deadly weapon in a home invasion. If you believed that you and your family are in grave danger and the situation is life-threatening, don’t think twice about using it. Here are some knives for self-defense.

Pepper spray is also a tool to defend yourself in a home invasion without a gun and useful for close-range battles. It is an aerosol spray that contains pepper. It is considered more as an irritant rather than a deadly weapon. However, it can still use to defend yourself. Tear gas is different from pepper spray because it contains chemicals and can only operate by military and police forces.

Electronic Weapons

Home invasions are a terrible nightmare that some didn’t want to happen, so others made necessary preparations like acquiring weapons. Electronic weapons rely on the application of electric shock to immobilize and hopefully neutralize the assailant.

Stun guns are electronic weapons that can also use for self-defense. You need to hold it against your attacker for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. Stun guns and Taser have the same purpose but differ in ability. Stun guns can use over and over. It is much cheaper too than Taser.

Tasers can also use to defend yourself. It can temporarily incapacitate the intruder via electronic shocks for about 30 seconds. However, unlike stun guns, you only get a single chance on Taser. So better to make sure to hit your target to allow you to escape and call for help.

However, you need to keep in mind that people have different tolerance to electric shocks and pain. Some might not even respond to the shock of a taser. Besides that, attackers that use body armor or thick clothing might also be impervious to electronic weapons.

Because of that, it’s generally advised to store other forms of self defense and home defense tools as an alternative for your electronic weapons.

Other weapons that you can consider

Objects near you

Things that are near you can also use as self-defense. All you have to do is think fast about which of these objects can save you. Pen, umbrella, chairs, pots, or any physical items can use as a distraction and can defend you. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can even buy a tactical pen both for writing and for self defense during home invasion.

Tactical baton

It is a stick made up of metal or wood. A tactical baton is one of the best self-defense weapon used mostly by police or military forces. If you want to carry this weapon, check your local laws for baton use and ownership.


Knuckles are the most effective and easily used self-defense tool that can be handy. The edges of the knuckles are sharp and built out of almost unbreakable plastic. It is lightweight and provides a stinging punch.

Electronic shock pods

Another defense tools is electronic shock pods that can produce electrical charges. It has a metal end divided into two parts, electrically insulated each. At the other edge of the shaft are the holder and switch.

Tactical flashlights

Other defense tools are tactical flashlight that is also known as military torches. They are potent lights made of metals that are very bright and intense. It can provide temporary blindness to an intruder in a dark environment. For intruders equipped with night vision, tactical flashlights are the best device to illuminate it.

Home Defense Tools Buying Guide

To secure your home and before acquiring weapons, you must know the tools you want. These weapons can be handy and available online. Aside from its availability, it would be best if you also consider their durability and costs. Items that are available online will again charge the delivery, so better add it to your budget.

In securing your parameter using alarms and security systems, installations and maintenance need to be considered. Sometimes, the hassle is not worth the protection if you’re dealing with super complicated alarm and security systems.

And the best thing to contemplate in these weapons is their ability to defend us from a home invasion and stop the threat. Read on below so you will know more.

Defense tools for home invasion are just available around the corner. They are too many and confusing because each of them possessed a unique way of defending you. To avoid confusion, let us narrow the choices.

Let’s think first about the usage, availability, and ability of the tools to defend you. The weapon should be handy and comfortable to use. Manuals are available in every item, and it’s best if it’s easy to follow.

Tools like pepper spray and knives are a handy and excellent choice for defense. Pepper spray can use on multiple invaders. It is easy to use. A mere bouquet on the attacker can make them scream in pain. It is also economical and affordable. Knives, on the other hand, are just available at home.

However, if you want to buy some pocket knives, you have to consider a little training. Defending yourself with an edged weapon requires preparations.

Last, if you choose security systems and alarms defending your house against invasion, you must know how it works. You need to know the method and usage of each interworking mechanisms and gadgets. Home security systems and alarms are electronic devices working together with a central control panel. It includes a primary controller, high-decibel alarm, interior, and exterior sensors, and cameras can be wired or wireless.

Remember, this information depends on the brand of defense tools. Usage and product content varies on the manufacturer.

Security system & Alarm Installation

Best automation technology and high-end security system are the best in securing the borderline. It is a perfect way to stay away from trouble because invaders’ motions will be easily detected by these high-tech systems. Most companies offer free installation with zero activation fee, no monthly fee, and the best package savings. You can sleep quietly, knowing that your home protects a reliable security system.

Here are the qualities of an effective security system that you should look out for when buying a home security system

Daily Monitoring

A security system’s essential quality is monitoring the area for 24 hours, seven days a week. Home invasion comes unexpectedly, and owners will have peace of mind if their home observes all day proficiently.


Cameras could help you updated in monitoring your premises. It’s one push-button away then you’ll see instantly who the strangers are approaching your house.

Easy to use

An effective security system also allows owners to control other features like laptops, laptops, iPad, cellphones, and ad desktop computers. It will ensure its accessibility and versatility. So even you’re at work and intruders happens to go inside your home, you’ll find them instantly.


Just pressing the alarm device’s control can put owners instantly in contact with the emergency call center and notify appropriate responders.

Efficiency & Reliable parts

An effective security system will keep the wrong people out. Be sure that your system is well updated to be as competitive as possible. Parts of a security system should be reliable and industry-certified.

Knives for Home Defense

Knives are as important in home defense as they are for survival in the great outdoors. However, there are numerous types of knives, and it is better to know them so you can choose. Here is a list that can guide you in buying a knife that you can use as a defense tool for home invasion.

Fixed Knife

A fixed blade knife is resilient and more significant in thickness and size than a usual folding knife. It can range from average to large-sized hedges. They are more robust than the folding knife because of the lengthening of blades and lack of moving parts.

Folding Knife

A folding knife is small and can fold shut. It is also called a pocket knife.  Folding knives are one of the most multipurpose defense tools because it has many usages.

Full Tang

Full tang or shank is a type of knife that extends the entire length of the grip. It is the strongest and long-lasting knife because of its high-quality metal.


It is a type of knife where the blade is released by way of force or by a spring button. Switchblade can be useful since it is convenient and lightweight.

Assisted Open

It is a type of knife that can be folded, be like a switchblade, or where the blade is not automatically ready. Assisted open knives use mechanism to release it.

Furthermore, when buying a tactical knife, it is a must to consider the material. There is a wide range of options to choose from, whether you want titanium-made or steel. However, steel is the most common choice because it is naturally healthy, and it doesn’t break easily. For durability, many knives are PVD coated, which helps them stay in good shape.

The material in the handle is also essential, like any part of the knife. Consider the grip if you are comfortable holding it and the weight. If you prefer a light blade, choose a hollow handle. Remember that in acquiring a knife, it is essential that you will have total control over it. And you couldn’t achieve that if you are not comfortable holding it.

Pepper Sprays for Home Defense

Pepper spray is one of the most useful non-lethal home defense tool on the market today. It can incapacitate even large attackers due to their debilitating nature. Here are some guides in buying pepper spray. You should know their benefits and types before buying.

Benefits of Pepper Sprays


One of the economical ways to defend yourself from home invasion is pepper spray. You’ll be able to protect yourself without buying the costliest tools. Besides that, you can also get pepper spray anywhere, from your neighborhood store to Amazon, it’s widely available.

Handy Protection

The small size of pepper spray is one of their asset that comes in different sizes and strengths. You can carry it with you anytime, anywhere. Because of that, we would recommend having the humble pepper spray inside your EDC purse and EDC pack for easy self defense anywhere anytime.

Types of Pepper Sprays


It is a type of spray that sprays a steady stream of chemicals can reach 15-20 feet. However, the distance will depend on the size of the container and the amount of chemical it contains.


It is a kind of pepper spray that ranges from 4-8 feet. It has a wide-angle because of its fog-like effect. The fog is a group of tiny droplets, and the risk is, the mist might blow away by the wind or go back to you. Better to position yourself against the wind if you will use this.


A gel-based spray can reach up to 25 feet in an enclosed space. It is heavier than other traditional pepper sprays because of its thicker consistency and is also not vulnerable to wind or blowbacks.


It is similar to gel-based spray that is perfect to use in enclosed space. The thick foam will cover the attacker’s face. It also is less susceptible to wind and blowback. Another good news is; the pepper is forced into the skin every time the attacker attempts to wipe away the foam.

Tasers and stun guns

Electronic defense tools could make your whole body take the hit. It disrupts muscle functions that made your attacker inflict pain. Here are some benefits of owning Tasers and stun guns as home defense tools compared to more lethal alternatives.

Harm is not permanent

Unlike gunshots, electronic defense weapons like stun guns and Tasers will not cause permanent harm. However, if your attacker has a heart condition, there’s a possibility of death or severe trouble when using these weapons against them.

A perfect shot is not a must

As long as you hit the target, you will still make your attacker immobilized and debilitated by the electric shock. However, keep in mind that you need to hit the skin or thinner parts of clothing. Because if you hit the thick parts, the electric pins might not connect and deliver the shock to the attackers body.

Permits are not necessary

Stun guns don’t need a permit to carry or possess, unlike guns. So owning this defense weapon is a massive relief from the trouble of paperwork and background checks. However, better check your local laws in carrying stun guns and Taser. There might be some rules in possessing these weapons.

Easy to carry

Just like any other weapons, these defense tools for home invasion are also handy. Different sizes of stun guns and Tasers also available, so it’s up to you if you need easily-distinguished shapes or not. You can even carry these stun guns in your EDC concealed carry jacket or your concealed carry tactical belt for easier accessibility.

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Runner Up

[su_service title=”Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

This compact indoor plug-in security camera lets you monitor inside your home 24/7. Whenever motion is detected, be attentive on your smartphones because it will alert you.

They are capable of meeting your expectation. Small but terrible, right? It is also a two-way audio chat that allows you to communicate from your cellphone to the camera. You cannot just see them, you can also talk to them, and the delay is pretty minimal.

It is easy to operate. Sets up in a minute, plug the camera, connect to the wifi, and add your Blink app. From then on, you can relax and let this mini plug-in security camera detects potential invaders.

[su_service title=”SABRE RED Tactical Pepper Gel” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Sabre Red is known for its reliable products, especially pepper spray. Their motto is to make man’s cry, but for people looking for a perfect tool to defend themselves, whether they are men or women, they want to make their attackers cry.

Tactical Pepper Gel spray is one of the most famous defense tools even to our police officers. It offers and guarantees maximum strength having only a 30% failure rate. It is safe to use in extraordinary range and doesn’t atomize like regular pepper spray. This pepper spray deploys a more excellent range up to 18 feet. The good news is it is not vulnerable to wind blowback and could only focus on your target.

Another good news for first-timers, Sabre Red Tactical Pepper Gel spray, which comes with a manual, so it is easy to use. Please take it as free training on how to use this defense tool. You don’t have to bother about its safety; it contains 18 bursts with flip-top protection to avoid accidents.

[su_service title=”Spyderco Matriarch 2 Lightweight Folding Knife” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Knife lovers will fall in love with the Spyderco matriarch two lightweight folding knives. The sexy curve downward and the most comprehensive portion of the blade bent arched will surely make knife collectors want them so badly. Well, what can we expect from Spyderco? The name speaks high-quality knives for a merited purpose.

Furthermore, not only knife lovers want this item. People who are looking for perfect defense tools also love to have this. The sharpness of its blade, lightness of its weight, robustness, and comfortability are the key factors that people need.

Spyderco Matriarch 2 lightweight folding knife blade material is steel. Its handles made up of FRN or Fiberglas reinforced nylon and fiberglass, which is why it is light. Its 3.27” edge length looks frightening. The claw-like tip seemed could dig deeper into the skin.

Specification of this item are: closed length 4.98”, overall length 8.55”, and the blade length 3.57”, Blade steel is VG-10, and the grind is hollow.

All in all, it is recommended for self-defense. It is easy to deploy, and it can inflict deep and excruciating cuts on your attacker. You won’t regret if you choose this.

[su_service title=”Personal Alarm Siren Song” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

SLFORCE top priority is to make your family safe. That’s why they created a personal alarm that you can bring anywhere. Nowadays, home invasions are one of the threats to consider. We must prepare.

We mustn’t underestimate our attacker; however, we should know their weakness first and foremost: it’s attention. And using this personal alarm siren song of SLFORCE will surprise them. Just pull the hand strap, and it will activate instantly, which indeed draws attention. The screaming siren is 130 dB, enough sound to lose the attacker’s focus, and disturbed.

Another best thing about this item is risk-free 100% money back. That’s how SLFORCE values your experience. Their customer service will do everything to ensure your satisfaction.

Some of the product information is package dimension range 7.3 x 4 x 1.3 inches. Their weight is 7.2 ounces. It requires 3 LR44 batteries, and the good news is, it includes the batteries. Also, it is available in multicolor.

[su_service title=”Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Taser Pulse is perfect for the most defensive situation because it enhanced self-defense range up to 15 feet shooting distance. The effect of these electronic weapons ranges up to 30 seconds that gave you time to escape. It works in any part of the body. The attacker will lose control of their muscle as long as the current is flowing in it.

Taser Pulse is ideal for close-range battles. It is innovative, efficient, and also less lethal. It only weighs 8 ounces, perfect for a hand carry.

The product details are product dimensions range 5.25 x 1.25 x 4.75 inches; it can use either men or woman; batteries are one lithium-ion and included. It has 12 months warranty.

The company recommends using protective eyewear in taking a practice shot for self-protection. Also, in addition to safety, precaution is always to treat the Taser loaded. Keep your finger away on the trigger until you are ready to use it. Always keep it pointed down or on the safe side.

To those who are looking for a defense tool, Taser is a must buy. You don’t have to worry about legalities because the license is not needed here. However, you must be 18 years old and above to be able to possess it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the best plan to protect yourself and your family if you don’t have a gun?

A: Setting up security alarms, cameras, fences, acquiring weapons, and securing the perimeter is the best plan for me to protect myself and my loved ones. We recommend having a layered alarm system and several home defense tools at the ready if you’re not willing to use a gun.

Q: How can you defend yourself in a home invasion without a gun?

A: Think wisely. Choose a specific weapon near you that would cause significant harm to an intruder. See that wok pan you bought last year? It would hurt if your head gets bashed by it right? See the baseball bat from your college days? You get my point right. Basically anything hard and long can be used as a safe home defense tool to debilitate and ultimately neutralize an attacker.

Q: What is the most versatile self-defense weapon?

A: Knives are the most versatile self-defense weapon because it has many uses. However, fighting using a knife isn’t easy. It requires courage, knowledge, and the presence of minds. Because of that, if you’re a beginner, we recommend using a taser or a pepper spray. If you’re gun trained and would like to use a gun, a shotgun is the best home invasion stopper, full stop.

Q: What if the home invader has a gun?

A: This is a complicated situation because if you fight, you might get shot. If you don’t have a gun yourself, it’s better to lock yourself inside a safe room and call the authorities (police, 911). If you can, you should exit the property stealthily and wait outside until the cops arrive. It’s never a good idea to fight an armed home invader without a gun in your hand.

Final Thoughts

The best way to defend yourself in a home invasion without a gun is to use your head. Yes, you have the tools and the best weapon, but you didn’t think clearly and tactically in this kind of situation; it is all pointless.

Being in this situation, it is understandable that fear might consume you. It is a matter-of-life-and-death scenario that no one wants it. So better to calm yourself so you can think clearly.

Also, the goal of using a weapon is to defend yourself and escape unharmed. You must even know how to use the weapon you choose. You don’t need to be an expert. All you need to do is learn to use it and do some practice to protect yourself.

Furthermore, you must follow your local law’s guidelines in acquiring weapons because not all state allows civilian on carrying them. Be sure rather than to be sorry.

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