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The Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

When you ask experienced users of tactical belts what features they are looking it will be the following: width, rigidity, materials, and buckle. In this case, the desirable width belt should be 1.25 inches to 2 inches thick. The reason is a thicker band result in better weight distribution on the belt. Also, the stiffness of the belt or its rigidity is a big plus, which helps assist in a clean draw. Ideal materials are a personal choice.

It is crucial to choose the right ones. You must consider the type of closures utilized on the belt. Some buckles support activities such as rappelling. However, it would be best to purchase the best tactical belt for concealed carry that is sturdy and supports the extra weight you’re carrying.

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Reasons Experienced Operators Utilize Tactical Belts

The tactical belt has been utilized throughout history. Thousands of years ago, Roman legionaries wore them on their waist to carry swords and support protective gear and hold pouches packed with battlefield basics that include water. You can wear a rigger’s belt or choose an all-out tactical belt, so you are prepared for anything. 

Currently, military and law enforcers across the world utilize tactical belts as part of their uniform. It does a lot more than tighten military pants. You will be able to take advantage of the following benefits with the right belt:

  • Compatibility with molle design
  • Attachments for holsters for concealed carry
  • Multitool Attachments

3 Advantages of Tactical Belts

The Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

Holds basic items 

Tactical belts hold essential items. Suppose you are a professional from the military, law enforcement, or part of a rescue team. In that case, you need to utilize a tactical belt that provides efficient access to crucial gear, which includes a flashlight, knives, radio, and other tools.

Vital for survival

These belts firmly hold crucial items for survival, either for yourself or those close to you. Depending on your profession, the belts hold tools that ensure you and those around you are well protected.


The other thing about tactical belts, especially for outdoor enthusiasts, EMTs, and police officers, is they are incredibly rugged and last for the long-term. They offer the right amount of flexibility and supports numerous supplies. Compared to casual everyday belts, they last longer.

3 Types of Tactical Belts


instructor belts are a type of tactical belts and feature some clipping device and have seams with heavy-duty construction and buckles capable of supporting heavy weights of at least 500 pounds up to several thousand pounds. When it comes to tactical instructor belts, there is no such thing as overkill. They were also engineered to have several rows of stitching for additional strength.


Rigger belts are a type of tactical belts engineered for rappelling. It is suitable for outdoor adventures such as rock-climbing, fast roping, and zip-lining. It is not ideal for walking on patrol. Typically, this type of belt utilizes an anchor point and can support your pants, especially during strenuous activities. On the downside, these belts are not designed to stash any gear.

Gun belts

The best gun belts are engineered to be sturdy enough to supports metal objects such as firearms, making them suitable for police or military use. These are known as duty belts and are often created from nylon or leather. Tactical gun belts were designed to have plenty of pouches and allow the users a hands-free experience.

If you want to conceal carry a gun, combining a tactical belt with a great quality concealed carry jacket is can make accessing your gun easier. This allows you to be more prepared and react to critical situations faster.

Price of Tactical Belts

The Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

Under $20

You can purchase a wide range of tactical belts at a reasonable price. Belts in this price range are fairly durable and get the job done efficiently. However, you get what you pay for, the build quality and material quality of belts within this price range will not be as good as more expensive ones.

Belts around this price range will also have fewer extra features such as reinforced stitching or other durability treatments.

Over $20

Expensive tactical belts over $20 typically feature extra reinforcements on the stitching and are created from strong material to ensure its durability. They were designed to be rip-resistant and more robust. Because of that, more expensive belts tend to last longer and become more graceful as they age.

Key Features to Look for in Tactical Belts


Tactical belts utilized for military and law enforcement should be nice and wide. It is essential because you need to distribute the weight of heavy gear in it evenly. A majority of tactical belts are between 1.25 and 2 inches thick. Never purchase anything thinner because it wouldn’t be as effective when holding your equipment.


A good tactical belt utilizes strong and thick materials. On the downside, it can make them challenging to loop through pants. Because of this, some will feature removable buckles to make the process more effortless. In comparison, tactical belts are much more effective than affordable and flimsy belts that are typically made of nylon or leather. Good tactical belts are robust and built with solid construction.


Buckles utilized in tactical belts vary widely. The most vital thing is that a buckle should support the weight of everything you are carrying in it. There are even belts that allow you to rappel from walls and cliff sides. The buckles must be bulky, which might make it more difficult to adjust. There are also buckles made from plastic, so you don’t need to remove your belt when you go through metal detectors at security checkpoints.

Other Factors to Look for in an Excellent Tactical Belt

Thick and reliable

If you purchase a tactical belt utilizing a weak buckle, or one that is difficult adjust, it will be challenging to wear. There are numerous belt designs that feature metal buckles with either steel or aluminum material. Also, others feature durable plastic buckles. A good design of either type should be tough enough to do the job efficiently. For the sake of adjustability, don’t choose tactical belts with holes. These cannot be micro-adjusted for optimum fit. It will be difficult, no matter how hard you try. Instead, purchase a good nylon built tactical belt rigid enough to hold your equipment safely. It should also fit comfortably and adjust quickly. This type of tactical belt can last for the long-term.


An excellent tactical belt should be rigid. It must hold everything you are carrying, including heavy equipment, without getting deformed. But if you purchase one that is a bit too rigid, you might be sacrificing comfort, which is a crucial factor when you’re wearing it all day. The belt’s rigidity will depend on how much equipment you plan to carry at a given time. If you’re only carrying several gears, you won’t need a belt that is too rigid. Keep in mind that wider belts are not likely to twist and sag.


A majority of tactical belts are constructed from nylon. But not all of it is strong and durable. Instead, look for belts that are constructed with reinforced stitching as well as heavy-duty tensile strength. There are some belts available with several rows of reinforced stitching for additional strength and stability. Another crucial feature of nylon is it quickly dries from perspiration and precipitation. It is also a breathable material and extremely tear-resistant. 


If you are wearing a tactical belt for long periods, it needs to be comfortable. The most comfortable tactical belts on the market are made from leather. But you may need to break it in. When you wear the correct size, nylon is also comfortable.

Top 3 Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry


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Runners Up

[su_service title=”Relentless Tactical” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

The Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

Relentless tactical is a belt ideal for CCW holsters. Many users purchase relentless tactical since it has numerous positive ratings on Amazon. Currently, it has 2800 positive reviews with an average of 5 stars.

This best tactical belt for concealed carry looks the same as a normal belt, except that it is extremely sturdy and can hold numerous metal gear and devices.

It is designed to be thin, making it comfortable to wear. The relentless belt is recommended for people who want a no-frills hidden carry belt that can perform double duty work.

It is crucial to keep your gears, devices, and tools where you want them when you need them. Ensure you are utilizing the best tactical belt for concealed carry that won’t stretch, bend, or sag. Wear relentless tactical to get easy access to any gear you need.

It is crucial to avoid nylon belts, especially for heavy-duty work. Relentless tactical utilizes a 1.5-inch, 14-ounce premium full-grain US leather belt. It is strong enough to carry every gear and stylish enough for concealed everyday use.

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The Colossal Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt may be the best tactical belt for concealed carry. It is also an awesome looking gun belt available on Amazon. It is strong and durable enough to support multiple gears and devices, yet stylish and functional enough for everyday wear.

Typical average department store belts don’t measure up if you need to carry heavy gear. This best tactical belt for concealed carry won’t sag, split, or stretch. You are provided with a lifetime warranty because it is believed that this heavy-duty tactical belt can withstand anything.

If you experience buyer’s remorse when you purchase this belt, it will be replaced at no cost. This best tactical belt for concealed carry is handmade in the USA and created from one piece of full grain 14 ounce US leather.

It utilizes no plastic inserts or pieces. It is guaranteed not to fall apart. Wear this best tactical belt for concealed carry, which won’t stretch, bend, nor sag. It is a secure and robust carrier of your gadgets and gears and any other survival tools.

Final Thoughts – Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

When you go on adventures outdoors, you need a reliable place to store all your gear for easy access. A good tactical belt provides you with hands-free movement so you can do and reach anything effortlessly. You might also want to utilize your tactical belt to store your multitools and other important gear as part of your daily wardrobe. The best tactical belt for concealed carry is stylish, comfortable, and designed to look like a standard belt.

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