Portable Propane Gas Stove – Best 3!

Why would you settle for traditional methods to gather firewood and use fire starters for cooking if you can save yourself from these hassles? Nowadays, a portable propane gas stove double burner is much more comfortable and known for outdoor enthusiasts to prepare foods.

Indeed, changes are part of our lives, and let’s thanks innovations for that. From simply gathering woods and making fire, now we can buy a portable stove that we can bring wherever we want. These revolutions improved our cooking style if we go outdoors. Now, we can enjoy our activities without worrying about our meals. In just one click, everything will be ready.

So now, we gather our most preferred cooking tool. Hold tight and read our best portable propane gas stove double burner that surely you would want to buy.

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Why Buy Portable Propane Gas Stove?

First of all, a portable propane gas stove is the most suitable cooking equipment that can provide you meals simultaneously and design to be convenient for such an intention. As you go in your long-time planned escapade, this item is one of the primary tools you need. You didn’t want to waste your time preparing fire so you can cook while you were starving from a long hike.

Buying a portable gas stove double burner is a good idea if you can cook anywhere. You can bring it to your garden or backyard. While preparing meals for your loved ones, you can also watch them having fun. Overall, acquiring this cooking tool isn’t just a waste of money. It is also an investment to make your life relaxed.

Uses of Portable Propane Gas Stove Double Burner

A portable propane gas stove is one of the essential cooking tools we need to survive when we go for a few days’ camps. Though we can bring canned goods, bread, or any foods that don’t need a stove, it would still best to eat some food they go into cooking. Well, everybody deserves to have good food after hiking or fishing.

Outdoor activities are pretty challenging tasks, and simple food is not enough. You are not going to survive only eating biscuits. So to spare yourself from starvation, bring a portable stove, and cook nutritious food.

Moreover, you can also use this portable stove for boiling water for any beverages you want. When you wake up early in the morning or even in the cold evening, you crave hot coffee, tea, milk, or choco. Switch on your stove and place your kettle loaded with water. It will only take a few seconds before you can pour the hot water and drink it.

Outdoor enthusiasts also consider packed meals as food sources because it is easy to bring for camping or excursion. A portable propane gas stove is useful in heating packed meals quickly—an indeed lifesaver for speedy food preparation.

Benefits of Portable Propane Gas Stove Double Burner

Having a portable propane gas stove has many benefits, mostly for outdoor activities such as camping. With its sound characteristics, your life outside your humble abode will be more comfortable. You will enjoy your trip without bothering about the hassle of preparing your meal.

Using a double burner will also save you time. As mentioned earlier, the number of foods you can prepare is more than compare to a single-burner. Moreover, it saved your effort and time.

Other than being less hassle, using this cooking tool is also cost-effective. Propane fuel creates more units of energy compared to other powers and is easy to maintain. The flame of propane can adjust depending on its purpose.

Another benefit of a portable propane gas stove is the convenience it brings to the owner. The stove is easy to build and to carry around. If you plan to camp in different places for a couple of days, this cooking tool is best for you.

Safety guidelines in using Portable Propane gas stove

In owning a portable stove, aside from learning how to use it and its advantages, it is also necessary to know the safety guidelines to prevent accidents and worst cases. Yes, they are useful, but they could also be destructive if not properly handled and failed to see their flaws. Owning this cooking tool comes with a big responsibility. Be aware and careful about the dangers that it can bring, such as overheating and gas leakage. For more tips, here are guidelines that may help you prevent disasters.

Safety warning in lighting your stove

Keep in mind to always use the stove’s igniter in lighting your stove. You’ll never know when an accident may occur, so be safe and beware of the stove’s ignition. Be sure that your fingers and other parts of your body are away from the furnace during the ignition process.

Take good care of propane’s canister

Another tip is to create a little mixture of dishwashing detergents and water. Mix it until it bubbles. Before using the canister, place a small amount on the outside of the can enough to cover it. This way, you can determine a leakage by seeing some light bubble. If this happens, do not use this canister. A possible explosion may occur.

Also, store your canister away from children. Please put it in a cool, dry room away from heat and fire. Never drop or shake it. It will be such a disaster.

Ventilation and safety seal

Portable Propane gas stove is advisable to use ‘outdoor’ and in a well-ventilated area. Never use it inside a secluded room to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide cannot be detected because it has no odor and taste. Too much inhalation could lead to death because a person’s oxygen level will reduce.

Moreover, be sure that the cylinder of propane has no rust. See that other parts such us knobs are locked and tightly connected to the stove to avoid tragedy.

While transporting your portable propane gas stove

The safety standards in transporting propane cylinders are upright. This storage permits the safety valve to discharge propane if the force is growing great instead of releasing it in liquid form.

It should place in a well-ventilated area and must not leave in the trunk because it will only put some pressure on the can. It is one of the first things that you should quickly remove when arriving at your destination.

Safety of burner

The burner is one of the most significant parts of the stove. It is where the gas runs from the propane container to kindle the burner. When the burner establishes fire, the knob will control the temperature. If this part of the stove breaks out, it will not perform on its purpose. Worst, it could lead to accidents.

Steps in starting up and ignition

  • Look for a place where you can place the portable propane gas stove two burners. The area must be firm, equal, and far from flammables. As mentioned earlier, the position of the tank must be upright.
  • Connect the stove and propane tank and see to it if there’s a leakage. If there’s a possible leakage, turn it off. Check the connections and wait for a few minutes before turning it on again. In this way, any propane left in the stove dissolve, and you can try it once more.
  • If you are having problems with ignition, check the battery if it must replace. It is not advisable to use a lighter or match if the ignition is not working correctly. If you do this, it will cause a small flash of gas to rise and cause burns.


Choosing the Best Portable Gas Stove Double Burner

Now you know about the safe way to use a portable gas stove, their uses, and why you should buy them, it is time to understand the key things to help you in your buying decision.

One of the tips that we could share is to take the time to choose your cooking tool. Read their features and asks how do they work. Sometimes, different tools made-up differently. Though they have the same features, they have another cooking system. And to give you more insights on how to choose the best propane gas stove, read down the information we gathered.


The portable propane gas stove can bring anywhere, so it should be handy. You can quickly move it anywhere. It would be impossible to do that if your portable gas stove is heavy. As much as possible, it is advisable if you can carry it alone. There are weigh less stove in the market. You can consider it in your buying decision so that it would be less hassle for you.


In buying a portable propane gas stove, you have to consider the size. A dual burner is advisable for big crowds. As mentioned before, you can cook simultaneously. Single burners couldn’t provide you such fast performance. Also, a double burner portable propane gas stove could use by small crowds. It could make their life easy and quick for preparing their foods.

Another comparison of the single and double burner is their heaviness and compact. Single burners are usually less hassle than double in weight and size; however, a double burner can serve users faster.


To determine your cooking tool’s that you prefer, be sure that its body possesses a durable metal body, anti-corrosion, and resistance to scratches. As much as possible, look for a surface that is easy to wipe and clean. You can also consider porcelain made body or stainless steel. They are also considered touch and easy to maintain.

BTU or British Thermal Unit

BTU describes as the heat required to raise a temperature or the burning capacity. Heat would depend on the food you will cook. For instance, if you cook pork, you will need a lot of heat to fry or whatever cooking method you choose. However, if you go camping, it is not always the case that you will bring foods that are hard to prepare. Therefore, lower BTU is fine if you will only use it camping or a short-time outdoor escapade. 7,000 BTUs would be enough for most outdoor foods.

Other Features

The other highlights of the portable propane gas stove can also consider in your buying decision. These features would make your stove move useful and more manageable. It will also help your stove perform its best function, such as ignition that is matchless, automatic, and adjustable knob. Some furnace has a built-in screen to protect the fire from wind. These features are available in some brands. Sometimes, enhanced and improved features that end-user mostly enjoy.

Our 3 Best Portable Propane Gas Stove Double Burner!


Product Name: Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner Cooking System

Product Description: And here's our number 1! We know this brand would not turn us down. It will save you from all the cooking hassle. Campers and other outdoor fanatics want something like this that could help them save space. If you have a small car or plan to hike far from your vehicle, this number cooking tool is best for you. Behind its compact size and easy-to-assemble feature, it can provide its user the fastest way of preparing their food. Its beautiful pattern offers an excellent heat distribution that surely you don't want to miss. To give more in-depth on its feature. Let us describe this extraordinary Jetboil Genesis Base. It is a folding two-burner with a small measurement. Amazingly, it is light for a two-burner. Very ideal for back camping and long hike that could even fit into your travel bag. Also, this tool can cook high and low like an expert. Its folding double-burner could give 10,000 British thermal units (BTU) of cooking supremacy. Its heat output could continuously boil and simmer. It also has an attachable windscreen that protects the fire from wind. It can easily remove if you don't want to. Very flexible and versatile. However, the screen must attach or remove before cooking. If ever you will do this after cooking, be sure that it is not hot anymore. It could cause some burn, so beware. The portability of Jetboil Genesis Base has made it a star in the world of propane gas stove. No wonder why it became the most favorite and most trusted brand. It beats the single burner because of its compactness.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock



The Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner Cooking System is the best of our choice. Despite its small size, its unbeatable performance is not questionable. Maintaining it wouldn’t be a hassle too because it’s easy to clean. Jetboil didn’t fail us to give us this ultimate all-in-one cooking system. Thanks to them. Cooking after a long hike wouldn’t be bothersome.
Other Key Features:
• Weight: 9.1 pounds
• It is 10 inches ceramic coated.
• Product measurements are 10.3 x 10.3 x 7.2 inches.


Reliable and Versatile.
Handy and easy to use.


It is not that resistant to wind.


Camplux Propane Camping Stove 2 Burner & 1 Grill

Camplux has provided us good outdoor standard of living. It’s been more than 15 years that Camplux devotes itself to produce innovative products that end-users enjoy these days.

One of their incredible creation is Camplux Propane Camping Stove. It is easy to use. You don’t have to think about constructing it; instruction manuals include too in their package. Moreover, their product’s key highlights are its Piezo-electric ignition. You won’t be needing matches or lighters, which save you from trouble because of its automatic start.

Camplux propane camping stove has 15,300 BTU. Perfect for camping, brewing, barbeque, and outdoor cooking. In terms of portability, you wouldn’t ask for more. Regardless of its built, it’s surprisingly portable! Its legs are removable, so it just so easy to adjust. You can bring it anywhere you want and enjoy cooking while watching your friends having fun.

Also, it has a wind-blocking shield that will guard the flame against possible cooking disturbance. Another advantage of buying this product is you can enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Its two-burner provides a fast way of cooking.

You can simultaneously cook various meals and use the grill of the Camplux propane camping stove to make delicious food. Furthermore, it is CSA approved. Camplux never lets you down in giving safe products.

  • It is lightweight & easy to assemble.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • It comes with a grill.
  • Uncomfortable to carry.

Camplux Gas Camping Stove JK-6320

Another model from a well-known cooking tools manufacturer! You can consider this model to add to your gear when experiencing your long weekend escapade. This portable propane gas stove is easy to use. Thanks to its Piezo auto-ignition feature. In just one push, it will only light it up.

This cooking tool can generate heat in 20,000 BTUs. The heat is excellent, which can save you enough time cooking nutritious food. Together with its two-burner stove, it will make cooking much faster.

Camplux gas camping stove JK-6320 is a compact size that saves spaces. It only measures 21.65 x 11.81 x 3.74 inches. It is foldable, and you can place it on your trunk. When you arrive at your site, you can put it too wherever you want. Its weight wouldn’t be an issue because it only weighs 4.5 kilograms that even a woman can carry.

Its wind-blocking system is also its feature that you must not ignore. It’s built-in and adjustable. It can fit even you place a larger pot on the stove. Also, it is easy to maintain. Thanks to its stainless steel top and removable grill, a simple wipe will do.

For safety purposes, always refer to the manual before operating it.

  • It is convenient.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is portable.
  • It guarantees fast cooking.
  • It is safe. CSA approved and has a safety device.
  • 20,000 BTUs may not be enough for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the advisable weight for portable gas stoves?

A: The ideal weight for a portable gas stove is not more than 5 pounds. If the portable gas stove exceeds that, it will be too heavy to carry. You will need help from others to move it around. Also, this kind of weight is not wise for outdoor enthusiasts alone.

Q: Which is better? Propane or butane?

A: Propane is better than butane in terms of cooking outdoor. Compared to propane, butane can only handle a boiling point of -2°C. Propane has lower boiling even in cold conditions. It can drop until -45ºC.

Q: Is there a particular brand of portable propane gas stove that can use indoor?

A: None. Portable propane gas stove must use outdoor. Please do not use it in a not well-ventilated room. It will only cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Q: Is using a portable propane gas stove dangerous?

A: They can be dangerous if a portable propane gas stove uses in a room with limited airflow. Propane gas stove releases carbon monoxide. It can be deadly when inhaled too long.

Q: Do you need a carbon monoxide detector while using propane?

A: Yes, some detectors can detect carbon monoxide. These elements cannot see or smell; however, these detectors can recognize them.

Q: Are a portable propane gas stove can last?

A: This will depend on how you utilize your cooking tool and how you take good care of it. If you can maintain it and use it properly, then it will last long.


These three fantastic cooking tools can utilize their full potential when using correctly. All of them are durable, portable, and ideal. Their additional features is a must buy, too. We should recognize the efforts or the people behind these beautiful cooking tools because they made our lives easier.

Also, keep in mind that in buying such a product, safety is important too. Follow carefully it’s manual and safety precautions. It will always be better to be safe than see yourself in trouble.

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