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Best Knife for Women’s Self-defense

The best knife for woman’s self-defense could help them save their lives. Also, carrying a knife has a psychological impact on the owner. It helps them boost their confidence and security that where ever they go, they don’t have to worry about their safety. They have the tools; therefore, all they need is the skill to yield it, which somewhat easy to achieve.

As you scroll down, you will read more about the best knife for women’s self-defense. You will see many tips on using it, the type of knife, characteristics of best protection blade, and many more. So in the meantime, let us present our best knives for self-defense that is highly recommended for women.

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Best Knife for Women’s Self-Defense: Know the Types

Knives are one of the most ideal self-defense tools that women can bring around. If you live in a state that forbids firearms or can’t obtain them, rather than going through the hassle of processing permits on carrying a gun, knives are the best alternative for self-defense.

Most of the time, women were victims of some crimes because it seemed vulnerable compared to men.  There are two things that women can do to stop being a victim: either run or fight. In cases that you find a way out of a crime, then that’s the better way to handle it. The number one goal anyway is to make yourself safe and prevent a head-on battle.

However, in unfortunate times that women must defend themselves, there is no other choice but to yield your weapon against your attacker. But before women do this, she must carry the right knife for them and be skilled. These combinations could give them a high success rate to defend themselves.

There are types of knives available in the market. The two standard blades are fixed-blade knives and folding knives. To give you more information and understanding of these two types of knives, continue reading and decides which type to purchase.

Women self defense folding blade knife

Folding Knives

It is the type of knife that most comfortable to carry and conceal. Most of the women choose folding knives because of their advantage size and quick deployment. They can place it on their pouch, pocket, or attach it to their belts.

In choosing folding knives, it’s opening mechanism must consider. To know more about it, read below, and understand how they usually work.

  • The flipper. This opening mechanism of the knife has a stud on the spine. Using your index finger, you can push the stud to deploy the blade.
  • The thumbhole. This type of knife has a specific safety device on the face of the blade. Using your thumb, you can assist the edge open or close.
  • The thumb stud. This knife can be open by pushing the stud on its blade using your thumb.
  • The out-the-front. This opening mechanism of the knife slides out of the front by using the stud in the sheath.
  • The wave. This knife has a hook on the spine, and if you pull it from your pocket, the lock will catch the lip and opens the blade.

Because of it’s size, folding knives are an ideal EDC item for women, you can safely store it inside your EDC purse or even your EDC jacket for more accessibility.

Fixed Blades

A fixed blade knife is also called a sheath knife. This type of knife extends its blade into the handle and cannot fold.  Most of the time, it looks more substantial than a folding knife; however, it is not always the case. Women can also use this type of knife as a self-defense tool.

Numerous types of fixed blade knives intend for different purposes. To provide more understanding in choosing a self-defense knife for women, considering these types may also help them decide.

  • The Bowie knife is a type of fixed knife that boasts a long, sing-edges blade. They are longer than the common of fixed blade knives. Its cutting ability and power are pretty impressive. The blade length of the bowie knife usually ranges from 6 inches to 24 inches.
  • The survival knife is a type of knife used for emergency or survival situation. Mostly, adventurers, military, or police officers use this. Also, this tool has a wide usage to its owner. It can use to cut wood, skinning, carving, and more.
  • The combat knife is a type of fixed blade knife that is single-bladed and sharp-pointed. This knife is made explicitly for a close combat situation and mostly issued to military officers. Aside from using it for close-range battle, they also use it to clean, chop, and pry.
  • The throwing knife is a double-edged blade that has a very sharp tip. For a self-defense situation, you can throw this knife at the attacker to distracts him. When that happens, you can give another shot or choose to escape.
  • The diver’s knife is an essential scuba gear that can save lives. It is also a fixed blade made up of various materials such as steel, ceramic, or titanium. Divers use this to protect themselves from underwater predators.

Sheath knives are usually quite large with a non-foldable blade that needs to be sheathed (hence their name). Because of that, they have high chopping power and are very durable. However, it might be hard for you to easily carry them everyday with you.

If you live near the outdoors, it’s recommended to have this kind of knife ready with you at all times. You can read our article learn more about where you can store your EDC gear.

Best Knife for Women’s Self Defense: Things to know

If you have a particular knife in your mind after reading the types of knives, here’s what you need to know next before buying and carrying a self-defense weapon. Besides, having a knife for self-defense comes with responsibility. As an owner, you are obliged to know these things. Awareness is always the key to prevent yourself from trouble.

Women self defense knives

Know the Laws

The primary thing you should do is to know your state’s law about carrying a knife. Generally, it is an offense to have a sharp or bladed weapon in public places; however, a folding knife is an exemption as long as its blade measures 3 inches or less.

Some states have specific laws on carrying a concealed knife. Some compulsory license and some are not. Whatever rules your state has, you have to abide by to avoid yourself in trouble.

Because of that, it can be concluded that the first step of owning a survival knife is to look up the regulation and laws that apply where you live. This step can help you streamline the knife owning process and gets you out of trouble with the authorities.


When carrying a knife, you must know what can be done with it and what can’t. Knives in general are a very versatile tool that can be used for nearly anything, from fighting to cutting obstacles. However, all of them needs specific skills and knowledge. You need to know your skill and knowledge level before attempting to do anything with your knife to reduce the risk of accidents.

Besides that, fighting assailants armed with a gun is also a no-no. Unless you’re extremely trained and you know the gunman is untrained, it’s better to surrender and call the police afterwards. Even if you’re trained, surrendering or running from the scene might be the safer option most of the time.

The perfect time to use a knife

As mentioned earlier, knives are weapons; therefore, the perfect time to use them is when you believe that it is only the last resort to save your life and loved ones from great danger or death. Also, do not forget the goal of owning a knife as self-defense. It is used to defend you and not to kill people.

Best Knife for Women’s Self-Defense Buying Guide

Best knife for women self defense

Now that you know about the types of knives, limitations, and restrictions, it’s time to gain ideas and tips on choosing the best tool. When it comes to picking the best knife for women’s self-defense, there are several things to consider.

Blade type

As mentioned before, 3 inches and less are the ideal lengths of a knife because it is easy to conceal and handy. It won’t make you overexert on attacking or defending. Another thing to consider in choosing the best knife for women’s self-defense is its design. The standard methods are drop point, clip point, tanto, and sheepsfoot.

Here is the list of the most common blade types that you’ll see in a knife

  • Drop point – typical blade design that has an arched spine that curves down from the handle. It is perfect to handle various tasks such as carving, skinning, and making long cuts.
  • Tanto – this blade has an angular edge inspired by the shape of samurai swords. The blade is single or could be double-edged, measuring 15 to 30 centimeters.
  • Sheepsfoot – This blade is perfect for slicing. It has a straight edge and a backside that bends down that reduces the chances of accidentally being pierced or cut.
  • Clip point – it is one of the standard knife blades that are perfect for stabbing. Thanks to is front section that’s seemed clipped off. This tip could give a flawless detail slicing.

Blade Edge

The edge is also needed to consider in choosing the best knife for women’s self-defense. It is part of the knife designed for slicing or cutting. It ranges from point to heel. The blade’s edge is also one factor to consider when buying a knife because this part of the knife will save your life.

There are two types of the blade edge. You can choose between serrated or straight. Both of them can save lives; however, they differ in advantages and disadvantages.

  • Serrated Edge Blade This tool has a saw-like edge, also known as dentate or saw-toothed, that best work when cutting with a back and forth motion. Again, it can do an excellent job in slicing flexible materials with a downward motion. Unfortunately, cuts made by the serrated blade is not smooth and exact. It is also difficult to sharpen. However, the good news they are affordable and easy to replace.
  • Straight Edge Blade A knife blade that is straight and has a longer cutting edge is called a straight edge. Unlike the serrated blade, it can effortlessly sharpen. Its smooth edge could cut clean. It is perfect for slicing meat and cutting food such as fruits and vegetables.

Material of blade

The blade’s material is also essential in buying the best knife for women’s self-defense. It is the part of the knife that determines the durability and its ability to save you from an unknown attacker. So to avoid buying a tool that could only turn you down in the end, better be knowledgeable about the best material to purchase.

Here is a list of materials that are commonly used to construct the blade

  • Stainless Steel Blades is the most common blade material in a knife because it is durable and rust-free. Most stainless steel blades are used in the kitchen, diving, and pocket knives.
  • Carbon Steel Blades – it is a type of blade that vulnerable to rust because it lacks chromium. However, the carbon steel blade’s durability and sharpness made it a star. It is commonly used in survival, hunting, and pocket knives.
  • Titanium Blades – Titanium is a strong material like steel but less dense. It is rust-resistant and popular in diving and pocket knives. Another good thing is it can withstand heat and cold. But the downside is, titanium blades are not easy to sharpen. Also, 100% of titanium blades are expensive.
  • Ceramic Blades – it is a type of blade that less common and mostly found in the kitchen. It is non-metallic and utterly resistant to corrosion. Its sharpness could stay for a very long time. Nevertheless, they are brittle and easy to crack if it’s dropped.

Grip and Handle

Self defense knives for women

It is also essential to consider the grip and handle when choosing the best knife for women’s self-defense. It plays a significant role in defending yourself. You cannot merely yield your weapon and not comfortable holding it. The handle is the first thing your grip should be familiar with to use the blade effectively.

You can choose either wood, metal, stag, or synthetic because they’re the usual materials for creating knife handles

  • Metals are more robust and durable. It is a prevalent choice for a knife’s handle. The two types of metal handle are titanium and stainless steel. Both are resistant to rust and lightweight; however, the ability to tolerate tension is high.
  • Synthetic handles are known for their sturdiness and durability. They are often used for heavy-duty survival knives that could endure extreme cold and hot.
  • Stag handles are made-up of deer antlers. They are pricey and rare. Nevertheless, the advantages of stag handles are their natural bends and sturdy grip.


It is also vital to consider sheath in buying the best knife for women’s self-defense because it will protect and secure your knife. It is commonly used for fixed blade knives because with folding knives, you can just fold the blade inside the knife.

A good sheath can lock the blade securely in place and is durable enough for everyday usage. Because of that, the material that is perfect for a sheath is nylon or Kevlar due to their durability.


When buying a self-defense knife, you also have to think about the budget. Remember that there are a lot of affordable knives available in the market; however, you also need to consider the quality. The cheapest it is, the more its quality would sacrifice.

Keep in mind that price limits the type of knife you can acquire. More expensive knives are usually built to a higher standard of quality with more features. However, not everyone needs those extra features, so choose wisely.

Best Knife for Women’s Self-Defense: Things to avoid

There are many designs of knives on the market that are tempting to buy. Even the unfamiliar ones can be pretty sweet to look at and tempting to buy. But don’t be a victim of such a pleasing appearance of knives, what you need is functionality and reliability.

Here are some of the tips that you should bear in mind to avoid buying a regrettable self defense knife.

  1. Narrow tang. Tang is the part of the knife that extends until the handle. It is okay to buy an extended tang; however, avoid buying the narrow one if you use it for self-defense. This type of tang is vulnerable, and in the worst case, it could break while you are trying to defend yourself.
  2. Huge knives are a big NO too. For the apparent reason, it isn’t concealable.
  3. Handle is crucial. It’s like you are buying shoes that don’t fit you. Hollow handled knives are also not advisable because most of them could easily break.

Besides those three things, you should also try out the knife and see if it’s the right choice for yourself. Having a heavy knife might be okay if you’re big and burly, however if you are thin and light, it can reduce your mobility and become a liability.

Balance is also an important part of buying a knife. Ones with bad balance will hinder you from using the blade to it’s full potential and might become a safety hazard.

And Our Best Knife for Women’s Self-Defense

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[su_service title=”Fox 599 G10″ icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Fox 599 G10 self defense knife for women

The Fox 500 G10 is another great knife for women’s self-defense that must be considered. It offers a spectacular balance, appearance, and purpose. This great little knife has been tested and guaranteed its sturdiness, dependability, and excellent quality. People who depend on knives recognize them.

This blade has an overall length of about 7 inches when fully extended with a blade length of 2.25 inch, which is pretty much legal. The handle is 4.75 inch so it won’t be too hard on your grup.

Thanks to patented Emerson Wave, which permits for quick use of the blade. The claw-shaped tiger blade coated with Teflon offers an insanely sharp and improved edge. This product is very sharp from the very tip of the blade to the end, and the consistency is not questionable. It can even cut through your pocket, so beware.

The G10 handle provides a good and comfortable grip. It also has a balanced, excellent quality blade made up of stainless steel, so expect its corrosion resistance to be excellent.

This little knife is perfect for a woman’s grip or a hand size that measures 3.5 inches or less. The compact safety ring eagerly offers itself to bare hand use only and improves weapon retention.

Overall, with a little practice and training, the Fox 500 G10 could be accessed quickly and be a deadly weapon in emergencies and self-defense situations.

[su_service title=”Zero Tolerance 0562CF Hinderer Slicer Folding Knife” icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Zero Tolerance Hinderer self defense knife for women

Zero Tolerance 0562CF Hinderer Slicer Folding Knife offers features that will appeal to anyone who looks for a self-defense knife. Zero Tolerance didn’t fail us again in providing rugged and durable survival tools. They are still consistent and dedicated to offering us a dependable combat knife.

Before we get to the review, lets lay down the specifications of this self defense knife. The hinderer folding knife has an overall length of 8.25 inches with a 3.5 inch blade and a 4.75 inch handle.

It has a weight of around 5.45 oz, which is still pretty light. The blade is made out of CPM-20CV steel that’s excellent at resisting corrosion.

There are many things to say about it but first, let’s start on the handle. Zero Tolerance 0562CF Hinderer Slicer Folding Knife is made out of carbon fiber and titanium that’s very durable and rugged. The knife feels good to hold, and it fits well in your hand, increasing it’s effectiveness during survival situations.

The combination of blade coating and stone washing yields an unique yet very durable blade. The attractive blade finish is remarkable because it could give consistent performance even for everyday use. The thickness of this knife is for cutting, stabbing, self defense, and general light work.

The caged ball bearings allows for smooth blade release. This operating system could even be activated by a single hand, very fast and easy. The manual flipper obliges the user to push with little force for easy deployment. It is very appealing and easy to use for both trained and untrained users.

Aside from being user-friendly, this pocket clip is convenient to carry because of its weight, size, and style. The four-position of the pocket clip allows both left and right-handed users to tip-up move the knife comfortably.

If you’re looking for a general purpose self defense survival knife that can be used for mostly anything, the Zero Tolerance Hinderer is a great choice.

[su_service title=”SPYDERCO Para Military 2″ icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

Spyderco Para self defense knife for women

Spyderco Para Military 2 is another highly recommended product of Spyderco for self-defense. It is not shocking that Spyderco became one of the most favorite brands for knives and self defense. Their dedication to provides high-caliber knives are absolute.

But the question is, along with the comprehensive range of Spyderco products, why choose Para Military 2?

The answer is simple. It is one of the best in the category of average/small sized survival knife. It is not heavy and could be used by everyone, not just big and strong people. Because of that, we recommend this blade as a self defense knife for women

Like any other Spyderco knife, this model also has a trademark hole for easy deployment. Its handle is made out of the most delicate material, the G-10. It is pretty comfortable and avoids slippage.

The weight is only 3.75 oz, that is so light and easy to carry. You can easily carry this anywhere in your body for easy accessibility.

You will never have an issue in terms of its deployment and lockup. Put your finger inside the hole and release the blade. It is just so quick that you won’t even notice. However, through the blazing opening, you can guarantee its safety. Also, it is not easy to fold if you will only use one hand.

The blade of a knife is one of the crucial parts. This brand almost had it all features that user need. The edge retention is excellent, rust-free, and razor-sharp. The material used for its blade is stainless steel. Blade length measures 3.44 inches. Overall length is 8.28 inches.

Overall, this brand of Spyderco is a must buy. Due to the lightweight and compact nature of this blade, it’s excellent for women self defense.

[su_service title=”Ka Bar BK2FDE BK2″ icon=”icon: star” icon_color=”#2D3092″ size=”32″ class=””][/su_service]

KA BAR self defense knife for women

One of the top-rated self-defense knives is Ka-Bar BK2FDE BK2. The Ka-Bar brand is legendary for their excellent survival knives, and this is no exception. Let us highlight only the most essential features that will help you with your buying decision.

Before delving into the review, lets outline the specifications of this blade first. This knife’s overall length is 10.5 inches. Its blade extent is 5.25 inches, and Zytel is the material used for the handle. The knife is made in the USA, and the sheath is made by a Taiwanese manufacturer.

This model of Ka-Bar is a super heavy duty knife that outdoor enthusiasts always preferred. However, it can also be your companion in unfortunate times and encountered by an unknown attacker. Its extreme sharpness will turn out to be your hero if you need to fight someone head on.

The culprit for such merciless sharpness is its 1095 Cro-Van steel blade. It’s coated in a rust-free coating to reduce the need for regular maintenance.

The handle is just perfect, it allows you to utilize the blade to it’s full potential with a sturdy and comfortable grip. The materials used in the grip provides comfort and won’t slide off during use.

The butt of the handle is also usable. It’s made up of rigid material that can use to break a glass. You can even use it for batoning wood, one of the uses of cutting tools that we’ve outlined in our article here.

Its sheath is made from nylon. It is simple, sturdy, and won’t break during regular use. As long as securely strapped in it’s sheath, you don’t have to worry if your knife falls.

However, due to the heavy duty nature of the blade, it’s very heavy compared to others in the list. If you’re a strong woman that’s used to handling heavy things, the Ka-Bar will feel right at home. However, if you’re not used to handling big and heavy knives, we recommend you choose the other options.


Q: Aside from pocket, where can you hide a self-defense knife?

A: Pocket knives are easy to conceal. You can place it in a bag, socks, or belts. For smaller pocket knives, you can place them on your belt, or inside your EDC jacket. Refer to this article on where to put your EDC gear in which knives are also included as an EDC gear.

Q: Is it legal to use a knife as self-defense?

A: Yes! Everyone has the right to protect themselves. If the knife is your last resort to save yourself from assault, you can use this to defend yourself.

However, keep in mind that it has to be self-defense! If you use this to assault someone or use it when your life is not threatened, you can face legal difficulties in court. Use common sense and sound judgement before using your knife in these situations.

Q: What will happen if you use a knife as self-defense?

A: If you kill someone using a knife because you have to defend yourself or let’s say you stabbed your attacker, you will possibly found yourself in a trial. Nevertheless, if you can legally justified it for self-defense, you will not be punished, this rings true in many parts of the country.

However, you still need to check local laws and customs regarding the self defense laws and if the castle doctrine is adhered to or not.

Self defense knives for women


We hope that this article informs you about which knives are the best for women to defend themselves. Remember that there’s a lot of things to consider when choosing a knife so be very observant and wise. There’s nothing wrong with being choosy and wanting to have the best of the best.

Keep also in mind the responsibility of holding this weapon. Follow the state laws about knives. There is a city ordinance about carrying this weapon and who are the only ones who can. Whatever it is, abide by these rules and restrictions so that you won’t be in trouble.

Moreover, in carrying a knife, skill is also important. Practice, watch tutorials, or have some little training. It would be best to be familiar with your tool so you can use it as a part of you.

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